Behind every couple there is a love story that deserves a perfect wedding

Shall we start writing the story of your wedding?

If you dream about having the most cosmopolitan and exclusive destination wedding in Spain and you are looking for personalized attention, organization, experience, attention to detail, artistic designs and not needing to worry about anything, then I am the Wedding Planner & Designer you need.

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I will know you, I will listen to your ideas and wishes and I will design your destination wedding in Spain from a blank page only for the two of you. I will make your dreams come true in an incredible wedding where anything is possible.

  • I am exclusively specialized in cosmopolitan and urban weddings in Spanish cities
  • I speak English fluently and I have been working surrounded by americans for years and I am used to multicultural ambiances
  • I am highly skilled at organizing events and I also have a lot of experience coordinating long distance projects, nationally or internationally.
  • I am able to offer any extra specialized services you may need for your remotely organized urban destination wedding in Spain.
  • I commit to providing quality, exclusivity and personalization in every single wedding I organize.
  • I find the providers that fit better your needs and desires to convert your exclusive and cosmopolitan wedding into an unforgettable experience.
  • After having had hundreds of interviews with clients and being responsible for understanding and transmitting my clients desires in English, I have the ability to perfectly understand the wedding you are envisioning and explaining them to my crew in detail.


This approach conceives weddings as artistic expressions and takes full care of textures, colors and design. Fine Art Weddings stand out due to their exclusivity and the design makes use of an authentic work of art in every last detail.  

It makes for a successful wedding when combined with an urban style!

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Write me and explain me your ideas. I will be happy to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

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There are no two couples or two love stories alike. This is why all wedding should be different.

The Cosmopolitan Bride, elegancy and exclusivity for cosmopolitan couples who want to make the urban wedding of their dreams come true. Make your unique, unforgettable and different urban destination wedding in Spain come true.

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