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The Cosmopolitan Bride – Exclusive Weddings

Because all brides and grooms are different, there are no two weddings that are the same.

Since you decided to marry you have discovered an infinite world of possibilities to celebrate the wedding of your dreams.

You know that you want a cosmopolitan, exclusive, unique and urban wedding. Do you dream about a vintage or romantic wedding or maybe thematic o a little bit more classic? What are you thinking about? It can be any anything you can imagine!

What makes your engagement really special is celebrating it overseas, in a Spanish city thousands of miles away from home.

Excitement and doubts both multiply:

All these concerns add up to the stress of the wedding. You are feeling that you are not in control and you can’t be relaxed thinking about the final result, such us solving last minute issues that always occur

Organizing a wedding in a different city can be a nightmare if
you don’t have specialized help.

What is your couple case?

In any of this four situations you need a Wedding Planner & Designer.

My name is Maitane and I want to help you write the next page of your love story by organizing the urban wedding you always dreamt about.

It is the beginning of an amazing journey in your lives and I would like to be with you on such an important day.

I design, create and plan cosmopolitan and very exclusive weddings in Spanish cities, for both foreigners or Spanish couples who want to marry in a different city from the one they live in, and they need to organize the engagement remotely.

I fully understand all the doubts and insecurities that arise when you decide to organize a distance wedding.

Planning such a personal and intimate event being so far away is a challenge always. If you have high standards and you want your personalities, desires and the essence of your relationship to be present in every detail of the event is even more stressing.

I am not a common Wedding Planner & Designer

The events I organize are not standard and I run away from generalization. I always seek for excellence in my specialization. I believe in personalized celebrations planned to perfectly fit every love story. I exclusively organize cosmopolitan and urban destination weddings for Spanish or foreign couples who want to marry in a Spanish city.

I know exactly how to convert this special day in a unique experience that you will never forget by planning your perfect wedding. I take care of everything by using my creativity, organization skills, and personalized attention. This guarantees that the bride and groom enjoy this amazing day with their guests, and can forget about all the logistics, details and scripts. I will have you experience the best party of your life.

I also understand that you WILL NOT accept any wedding.

You are looking for something different and special. Something cosmopolitan, elegant, exclusive and urban like you.

Because your engagement has to be a reflection of your story, your lifestyle and your love to one another.

This is the main reason why I created THE COSMOPOLITAN BRIDE. This is a very personal project that was born as a consequence of connecting my professional and personal experience with my creativity and organization skills. I have all you need to help you take this amazing step and celebrate a cosmopolitan and different engagement successfully.

What I am offering you as a Wedding Planner & Designer is the perfect fit for people who have high standards and look for a exclusive wedding far away from home, perfectly organized, full of details, unique and unforgettable.

Are you curious about my story?

I have been connected with LOVE since I was born. In fact, “Maitane” in the basque language means “the beloved”.

I was born in Eibar, a city in the region of Guipúzcoa, Spain. Though, I was raised in another town called Soraluze where I had a happy childhood.

As I recall I have always been a creative person. When I was little I used my creativity with music
(violin, choir, songwriting) and artistic paint. All the people who know my family say that I inherited my mom’s organization skills and my father’s artistic side. These capabilities have been essential in developing my profession as a Wedding Planner & Designer.

As a teenager I didn’t know what my vocation was. I only felt that it should be something exciting and unpredictable. Something I could use my creativity for. 

Without being aware of it, I started practicing. I would organize family gatherings, including parties and birthdays for my family. I enjoyed talking to people, coordinating things, anticipating what they liked… I loved planning moments to surprise people.

I felt attracted by business too. So I decided to move to San Sebastián to study a Business degree.

In this moment English showed up in my life. I have to say that I had never before been interested in English at all. My parents tried really hard to enroll me into learning English but it felt boring to me. At this moment of my life I couldn’t imagine how English would be such a thing for my professional career.

I took it seriously after finishing my degree and I went completely alone to the United States to learn the language.

I spent one year living with an American family in Portland (Oregon). I was studying the language at the same time that I was experiencing a total immersion into the American culture and way of life. In addition, I spent much time with students from all over the globe. This allowed me to feel comfortable in any multicultural situation.

To me that was an amazing experience. Something that is hard to put into words. I not only learnt
English perfectly but I also understood how Americans think, feel and relate each other. This has been essential for my Wedding Planner & Designer services.

Suddenly, at this very moment I got a job offer to work for an American company that had an office in Seattle and another one in San Sebastián organizing trips and events. My profile was perfect because they needed someone who spoke English, who understand the American and Basque culture and who could be the connection among this two cultures.

As I took the job I began to work in San Sebastián surrounded by american employees and after some years I become the manager of the office at the Basque Country. During this experience I
specialized myself in long distance project organization by managing trips and events.

What abilities did I develop in these years?

After this professional experience I discovered that what I really loved was organizing events and trips and I decided to study a Master’s Degree in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism.

This is how weddings came into my life and I started to specialize in design and wedding organization. All of the sudden all my knowledge, experience and natural skills were put together into something not only I loved but also brought an amazing experience for other people. I wanted to use my creativity, my knowledge of English and American culture, my organizing skills and my ability to move in multicultural ambiances.

Wasn’t the best option for me deciding to design, create and feel moved organizing weddings for exceptional couples who want to transmit the best of themselves and their love in a
unique moment in their lives?

This is how THE COSMOPOLITAN BRIDE was born. An exclusive service for planning urban and cosmopolitan weddings for people who are looking for something different and exclusive, in their favorite city in Spain, to enjoy this special moment to the maximum and not worry about any detail.
Only live this unique and special day.
THE COSMOPOLITAN BRIDE identifies with everything that is modern and cosmopolitan, but also elegant and sophisticated. It transmits glamour and exclusivity

Only for you, I offer all my experience with:

Why urban destination weddings, Maitane?

I am a strong believer about specialization, especially in the wedding realm.

In fact, my passion for travelling is one of the reasons that led me into this specialization. I have
travelled a lot and to me, having the chance to know other cultures and ways of thinking is a unique experience that enriches you.

In addition to my year living in the USA I have spent 5 summers in Seattle and Portland, and I have also visited New York, Washington DC and San Francisco among others where I also learnt and understood the American urban way of life.

Getting deep into understanding the way of living of other people from other cities and 

different countries has been a part of me since I was young.

Thanks to this I discovered my interest and love tor the urban culture and I am happy exploring hidden and unknown places in any city I may visit. I like to get lost in rooftops, terraces, unique buildings, skylines… Places where I can tell how incredible it would be to celebrate a wedding. I get ideas from all this personal experiences to put together the most incredible wedding for city lovers.

It is this love that I have for cities that brought me to specialize in urban destination weddings. I do it in Spain choosing charming and representatives cities.

Shall we talk about your urban wedding?

Something personal about me

In addition to my passion for my job as a Wedding Planner & Designer I have other hobbies that I enjoy as much:

I feel passionate about my job as a Wedding Planner & Designer at THE

I want to add a new chapter at your love story organizing your urban wedding. I feel really excited to be able to organize such a special and unique moment that all couples dream about and make it be an unforgettable day.

Now that you know me a little bit more…

Shall we talk about your perfect wedding?

The Cosmopolitan Bride


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