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Exclusive and cosmopolitan urban destination weddings in Spain

If you are living a love story you would like to share with the people you love…
If you have decided to take a step further into writing the next chapter of this story…
If you have a dream you wish you could make come true…


You are getting married and you are starting an exciting journey towards the adventure and commitment of a new life together

You have imagined how you want your perfect wedding to be thousands of times.

You are excited with the idea of celebrating an urban wedding in the Spanish city of your dreams. You want a celebration that transmits the essence of your personality and your love story.

But you would not accept any wedding

You want an exclusive, unique and cosmopolitan celebration, just like you.

This special and different wedding will
write the first chapter of your new life together.

Organizing a wedding means a lot of hours and dedication. You will have to think about the venue, the party, the decorations, the logistics, the vendors, etc. Everything is important to ensure an unforgettable result.

Besides, if you want to get married in a different city, fears and doubts arise and concerns multiply:

A wedding is a dream come true.

But you are afraid of the happiest day of your life becoming a disaster due to bad organization, last minute issues, logistics or any problem that may occur…

Can you imagine........?

To sum up, do you imagine a wedding so well organized and perfect as it would be if you would have personally organized it?

You cannot only imagine it; you can make it come true!

With the help of a Wedding Planner & Designer who is in charge of managing and organizing every detail you will have the certainty to have the urban destination wedding that you have always imagined.

“It is said that you live wedding three times: when you imagine it, when you celebrate it and when you remember it”

Let me tell you that your dream will come true and you will enjoy it with infinite excitement, happiness, laughs and some tears. The memory will be unforgettable, not only for the two of you but also for all the guests.

My name is Maitane, the director and founder at The Cosmopolitan Bride. I’m a Wedding Planner & Designer, and I want to help you organize all the details of your wedding so you can intensively enjoy this day without worries nor mishaps.

I design and plan exclusive cosmopolitan and urban destination weddings in Spain, for both Spanish and foreigner couples who want to get married in a different city from the one they live in and need to organize it from distance.

My goal is to guarantee that you will enjoy every second of the organization process without dealing directly with it. Your will experience all the preparations without worrying about anything.

The Cosmopolitan Bride is a Wedding Planner & Designer service for demanding couples.

If you are cosmopolitan, a city lover, you like exclusivity and excellence and you want a unique and special wedding I can help you.

I share my creativity, my experience in organizing events, my communication skills and my love for anything related to weddings to get you to celebrate and remember the wedding of your dreams


Why is
The Cosmopolitan Bride differEnt?

THE COSMOPOLITAN BRIDE is a brand that instills the style and glamour of exclusiveness. It is focused into getting a perfect result for your wedding and ties modernity and cosmopolitan with elegance and sophistication.

I want you to have a wedding that perfectly fits you. Every single moment and detail will be thought of in order to reflect your love story, your essence and your personality.

I have an endless passion for what I do. I seek for excellent results, I put creativity in every single detail, I give personalized 

attention and quality service, different and unique designs. I really commit and dedicate to every single wedding I organize. I am sure you will be absolutely satisfied with your perfect wedding.

You will not only have the wedding you were dreaming about, you will also enjoy this adventure, you will thrill, feel and live the trip to one of the most important days in your life.

Contact with me now and we will talk about the wedding of your dreams

What can I do for you?

I know that you want your wedding to be special and different. And I also know that you want something that reminds who you are, how much you love each other, and your love story.

The Cosmopolitan Bride offers this and much more, because it is a cosmopolitan brand just like you. Likewise, it seeks for excellence, exclusivity and loves the urban style.

What makes me different from other Wedding Planners is that I do not organize all sorts of weddings.

I am specialized exclusively in urban destination weddings in Spain. Being specialized allows me to offer the maximum quality and professionality reaching perfect results in all my services.

Maitane, what can you do for me?

Shall we talk about your perfect wedding?

In a word, I will help you celebrate the most exclusive and cosmopolitan wedding that you have ever imagined. You will not worry about anything because I will oversee the organization. I will control everything and give you the time and tranquility you deserve to intensively enjoy the excitement of one of the happiest days of your lives.

“Your wedding will be unique, and I want it to be perfect, even better than you imagine.”

What makes my job really special is to be with you during these exciting moments of happiness, intimate looks, laughs, some tears and a lot of love. I will be helping you create such a special day step-by-step, while understanding your expectations and taste to make it incredible.

There are no limits for your dreams. For you to decide which of my services better fits you
I offer different options that will enable you to personalize even more your wedding by adding as many extra services as you desire.

I will be happy to talk with you about the wedding of your dreams to be
able to offer you a totally personalize service.

Maitane, how can I know that you are the Wedding Planner that I need?

I am a different Wedding Planner & Designer because I do not organize just any wedding.

I am specialized in cosmopolitan, exclusive and urban weddings in Spanish cities for both Spanish and foreigners couples who want to get married in a different city from the one they live in and they need to organize it from distance. By specializing so much I guarantee quality and excellence in every single wedding that I plan and design.

I strongly think that quality is better than quantity. This is the reason why I only work on a limited number of weddings. Thanks to this I can assure my clients the exclusive service they deserve.

  • You strongly want an urban wedding specialist in Spain organized from distance

  • You need someone specialized who speaks your language and knows your culture, with experience in multicultural ambiances that will ensure that your destination wedding in Spain is a perfect reflection of your love story

  • You want your wedding to be exclusive and cosmopolitan

  • You want to personalize your engagement and you want it to be a reflection of you and your love story.

  • You are looking for quality and differentiation to create a unique wedding

  • You don’t want to think about any detail and you prefer to delegate to an specialist.

  • You don’t have time to organize your urban destination wedding and you want someone that does it for you

  • You are looking for a guarantee to experience a perfect celebration
  • You want to get married but you are not urbanite and you don’t want an urban wedding

  • You can speak the language, know the culture and you understand the way things are done in Spain.

  • You already know someone specialized in the city where you want to celebrate

  • You settle for any proposal and you don’t really dream about having a different wedding

  • Exclusivity and cosmopolitan don’t thrill you

  • You don’t care if your engagement is not personalized

  • You can take care about all the preparations

  • You have plenty of time to plan your wedding

  • You feel you can deal with all the planning and you don’t need help

If you are dreaming about an urban, cosmopolitan and exclusive wedding,
I am the wedding planner & desirner you need.


A whimsical destination made you meet and time has written your story, word after word. Now, the second part begins. This is the most exciting stage of the journey and it begins with “Yes, I do”.


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